Volunteers needed to support our new Shropshire Sanctuary

For information please ring Heather at Shropshire Mind 01743 368647

Urgently needed

Volunteer to support Monday afternoon session in Oswestry (posted March 2017)

If you can help, please ring Heather at Shropshire Mind 01743 368647

Shropshire Mind Shop @ the Redwoods Centre

We are looking for people with or without retail experience to volunteer and help support the shop. Full training and ongoing support is crucial to being a member of the shop team and will be provided every step of the way.   Our shop sells newspapers, confectionery, hot & cold drinks and lots more.

Allotment. We are looking for volunteers to help out in our allotment in Shrewsbury.

Supporting group meetings. We have vacancies for weekend volunteers in Shrewsbury and volunteers are also needed in Bridgnorth, Market Drayton and Whitchurch at our weekly group.

Please ring 368647 for more details of any of the above opportunities.

Shropshire Mind has been part of our community for more than 40 years, and in that time has provided support and been the voice for thousands of people with mental health issues. Volunteers have been indispensable in meeting our charity’s goals, and will continue to play a huge part in meeting the needs of vulnerable people across the county. Volunteers can contribute in many different ways, from working with a team supporting groups and activities, to running events, helping with publicity and fundraising, or assisting with administrative activities in our Shrewsbury office. For more information about currently available open volunteer positions please see our Vacancies page, thank you.

What do you get out of volunteering for Shropshire

Of course, there is the satisfaction of helping some of the most vulnerable people in our community with their recovery. But there is so much more: you will be part of a group of very motivated and dedicated people, from very diverse backgrounds – willing to share their skills and talents with you, and keen to learn from you. Shropshire Mind also offers you the opportunity to attend ongoing training so you can build your understanding of mental health and well being, learn about listening, empathy and interactive skills. For those who are in, or want to enter the caring profession, volunteering with Shropshire Mind will give you invaluable experience and a solid skills foundation.                                                       Volunteering for a local charity that is part of a national charity will undoubtedly be positive to perspective employers and it will be impressive on you CV.


What Shropshire Mind expect from you

First and foremost, we realise that some volunteers will be able to give more time and effort than others – circumstances vary. But we do expect you to meet the commitments you make when we accept your application to become a Shropshire Mind volunteer. Our service users and fellow volunteers rely on each member of the team to do their bit – without that commitment things don’t work as they need to.

Second, Shropshire Mind accomplishes a lot with very little. We have a very small paid staff team and limited funding. To address the needs of so many service users, we rely on volunteers to help out with the workloads. Shropshire Mind has a number of working groups that focus on specific organizational issues: Fund Raising, Volunteering, Communications and Publicity, to name a few. Each of these working groups involve staff, trustees, volunteers and service users, as well as on occasion representatives from external organizations. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in running and supporting these working groups. Apart from making a big contribution to meeting the charity’s goals, it is another way to learn valuable skills – a win / win for everyone.

If you are interested in volunteering please get in touch via phone or email within office hours. Without volunteers we couldn’t operate, thank you.


If you are planning a fundraising event please do get in touch.

If you are running the Shrewsbury Marathon, we have a fundraising pack outlining everything you need to know about training and race day. Please contact the office for further details. They can be posted or emailed.

Another great way of fundraising is with our lovely blue donation boxes. We are looking for some new locations. If you think you could put one in your office at work, local corner shop or need one at a fundraising even, please get in touch. Every penny counts.

If you can help, please ring Heather at Shropshire Mind 01743 368647