Redwoods Shop

We have taken over the shop at Redwoods in Shrewsbury!

The shop is going really well, we sell a variety of all sorts of new and different things to tempt customers with!
We try to respond to customer requests (where possible) and do our best to have a good selection of drinks, snacks and confectionery, as well as toiletries, books, newspapers and magazines.
The shop is a lovely place to work and volunteer, if you would like to be involved, we are looking for volunteers to help in the shop during the week. We are also looking to extend opening hours to week-ends.
If you have a couple of hours spare each week, enjoy meeting people and giving excellent customer service, you might like to volunteer in the shop! If this is you, then please do get in touch. Telephone Heather on 01743 368647. It would be great to hear from you!